VWR Review: Ciltep® Brain Supplement

The bottom line is that, although I am a unique individual (biochemically speaking) and did not take it as recommended, it did not feel like something I wanted to take for days on end.


VWR Supplement Review: Unfair Advantage

Who is this Bulletproof company? If you're an OG in the biohacking community, you have definitely heard of Bulletproof. Dave Asprey, the CEO of Bulletproof, has been a biohacker now for several years, and in many ways is leading the biohacking movement; however, this isn't an infomercial about how great Dave and the company is—I … Continue reading VWR Supplement Review: Unfair Advantage

Phenibut Boosts Athletic Performance and Sexual Attraction

Quick background of Phenibut: It was developed in the late 1960s by the Russians and is considered a anti-stress/anti-anxiety substance in Russia. It is said to have been included in the kit of Russian astronauts due to its anti-anxiolytic properties that subsequently don’t seem to affect cognitive performance. While it is considered a drug in … Continue reading Phenibut Boosts Athletic Performance and Sexual Attraction