Why Quorn™ Products Are Not What I Thought They Were

I'm really not too sure what I was expecting this product to be. I just thought to myself, "Well it's basically just a modern derivative of a mushroom. Okay; I'm okay with that." Even though I felt a bit strange about eating some science creation, I was convinced it was better for me, and better for the planet. While the planet argument may still be up for debate, the health argument should be officially squashed. . .


Why I Ditched My Old T2i for the iPhone X

DSLR remains to be the way to go for freelance photographers and is definitely superior overall—I’m in no way arguing that— but for my purpose of casual tourism, food, and portrait photography, it can be very inconvenient at times. Enter the iPhone X, arguably the most capable smartphone ever created, sporting possibly the best smartphone camera ever made in terms of overall quality.