7 Best Places to Eat if You’re Vegan in Columbus, Ohio

If you’re in Columbus, Ohio and you’re vegan, you’re in luck because there are tons of plant-based places to eat. In my own personal food seeking adventures, I’ve found myself wondering what to eat, even though I have a ton of options. So . . .

Here I provide a weekly dinner schedule for you so you don’t have to decide.

Monday: Woodhouse Pop-Up (@woodvhouse)


The first day of the week undoubtedly goes to Woodhouse vegan pop-up. They started it right out of Oddfellow’s (Liquor Bar) kitchen roughly 3 years ago and it’s done so well they’ve been experimenting with Tuesday night now. With a wide array of choices from grilled cheese, to nachos, to a vegan quesedilla cheeseburger, Woodhouse has something for everybody. Due to the limited quantity, however, you’re best to get there early to ensure you’re able to snag their featured dish.

Tuesday: Condado’s Tacos (@condadotacos)


If you’re going to do #tacotuesday, you may as well do it right and eat at Condado Tacos. Though it’s starting to become a chain, Condado’s won best tacos in Columbus for the 2017 year and never ceases to deliver the vegan goods to the hungry plant-based consumer. Jackfruit, tofu, and mushrooms are all viable options for you and you’re vegan buddies, and the amount of toppings available is considerable. Though I’m not a huge fan of the “build your own taco” style eatery, the amount of quality options keeps me coming back, and they do have a pre-made jackfruit option that’s pretty good. ALSO: if you have more than a thousand followers, they offer you a free taco if you take a picture and tag them, so definitely get your IG poppin’!

Wednesday: Wycliff’s Kitchen (no handle)


Wednesday’s always leave me scratching my head for some reason, as discounts on food always seem few and far between. Though Wycliff’s doesn’t offer a Wednesday discount, they offer a surprisingly good vegan (I think?) dish called Chapati Mododo, which is a special type of fried bread normally served with greens, and the main dish which is a coconut milk based bean dish that’s delicious. You can customize this with a Kenyan rice or a corn mush pie called “Mugali,” both of which are very tasty. I’m not a hundred percent if the bread or the beans are vegan as they don’t have nutrition facts, but as you may know from reading my blog, I’m far from orthodox vegan. It definitely falls within the “90% of calories coming from plant-based sources” category, and that’s all I care about.

Thursday: Portia’s Cafe (@portiascafe)


Long-been-a staple of the Columbus vegan food scene, Portia’s cafe is not only vegan, most of it is raw. I was raw vegan for a few months in 2014 and I felt the best I ever have. Why I stopped leaves room for another article, but the point here lies in the fact that because of my dietary adventures, I appreciate raw foods done well, and I think the paleo crowd will as well. The wraps are definitely the way to go in my opinion, though they are known for their House Pad Thai. If raw veganism isn’t you’re type of grub, no problem they serve some hot stuff too. With something for everybody, including a juice bar and an excellent dessert menu, Portia’s cafe is one of the best vegan spots in the city. Not to mention, it’s very coolly decorated. 

Friday: Melt Bar and Grilled (@meltbargrilled)


For some odd reason, Friday says pizza to me. Because of this, I really wanted to put Paulie Gee’s on here, but then I remembered one important fact: I haven’t even tried the stuff yet! To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of most vegan pizza for the gluten and the fake cheese reasons, but I hear Paulie Gee’s does a pretty good job. That being said, my alternative to an unhealthy pizza on a Friday, is an unhealthy sandwich!

Melt Bar and Grilled offers vegan options for almost every one of their sandwiches and most of them are very good. I personally have tried the wet hot buffalo chicken (which they substitute tofu for chicken to make it vegan), the Purple Parma (eggplant), and the Good Burger, all of which have packed a flavorful punch. If you’re a gluten-free vegan, however, you could very easily rack up a $17 bill for a full sandwich as I do—and that’s if you get it to-go! This price definitely isn’t very VWR, but this bar food is so enjoyable that it’s worth the splurge every now and then.

Saturday: Hai Pokè (@haicbus)

salmon pokè bowl from hai pokè

Note: This is not vegan, but it’s one of the best pictures I was able to find of their food. Just picture tofu instead of the salmon 😉

While I was tempted to put this one as a tie between Hai Pokè and Sushi 10, the nod goes to my homies over at Hai Pokè. They just recently dropped their spicy mayo after a large amount of requests from the plant-based community, something that may have tipped the iceberg in their favor. Even though they only have one option for vegans in the form of a tofu pokè bowl, it is very good and worth the $10 you’ll shell out for it. Sushi 10, however, is a bit cheaper and pretty darn good. Though they don’t have vegan mayo, it’s the next best thing if you’re in Upper Arlington and don’t feel like driving into the city.

Sunday: The Angry Baker (@angrybakerote)


Vegan macaroons shaped like hamburgers—fruity pebble donuts—vegan Reubens, say whaaaat?! Though I’ve only had this place once and what I had wasn’t vegan, it was very good and I’ve heard too many compliments in the restaurant’s favor to not mention it for Sunday. Pumpkin oat pancakes, and tex-mex tofu wraps, and vegan tacos are all palatable dishes for vegans, and that’s only a small portion of their menu. The Angry Baker is a super dope spot and I highly suggest you guys to check it out if you haven’t!

Know of a place better than the ones I’ve listed? Leave it in the comments below. I have a very open mind and am always looking for new local places to grab a plant-based entree.

Thanks for reading and stay well.

– Adam Vincent


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