Why Bulletproof’s Brain Octane™ is Better than MCT Oil

Is Bulletprdoof’s Brain Octane™ Worth the Money?

It’s now been almost two years since I’ve been experimenting with the Bulletproof diet, especially bulletproof coffee. Though I am not a proponent of copious amounts of butter, grass-fed or not—I am a big fan of Brain Octane™. In short, it’s worth the money.

What is Brain Octane™ (and what makes it so special)

Brain Octane™ is a highly filtered MCT oil, that uses only the caprylic acid from the coconut instead of a blend of capric, caprylic, and lauric (which causes stomach distress in most people). It’s used mainly to be put in smoothies or coffees, though Dave Asprey pretty much puts it on all his food

Aside from only having one of the three medium chain triglycerides, Brain Octane™ is also toxin free, as you would expect from Bulletproof™.

What does Brain Octane™ Do?


MCT oil is supposed to give your brain accessible energy in the form of fats, and is highly beneficial for those on a ketogenic, low-carb diet. The biggest caveat to this, though, is that most MCT oil causes people stomach distress, something Dave calls “disaster pants.”

I personally experienced an upset stomach during soccer training, and quickly realized it was the Whole Foods MCT’s I was consuming in the morning that caused it. It felt like my stomach was on fire, kind of like I ate a bunch of spicy Indian food right before practice, only it was a slightly different sensation.

Another thing Dave claims his product does is raise Ketone levels more than 4 times the amount of coconut oil. I have never felt the need to test my ketone levels—I either feel good or I don’t—but I generally feel pretty good when I use Brain Octane™, and there’s definitely a big difference between it and general MCT’s.

I don’t remember exactly when I tried it, but after some sub-par results with MCT oil and XCT oil, I finally paid the 23 dollars to get the good stuff. It’s just so hard for me to justify the cost, because it’s $46 per month to be able to put two tablespoons in your coffee every day, but I had some extra money and I was dying to try it.

How Does Brain Octane™ Make You Feel?

Lots of reviews I read say it’s a night and day difference in terms of mental clarity compared to other MCT’s, but I’m not so convinced. It’s supposed to “clear brain fog” by providing your brain with lots of ketones for fuel and, while I think it definitely helps, it’s not a miracle product. I don’t feel considerably more acute when I take this as compared to simply using coconut oil instead of MCT oil.

Just because the whole mental performance thing isn’t fully there for me doesn’t mean I don’t cosign the product. The other benefits are definitely worth it if you have the money to spend.

For one, one of the biggest selling points is the low stomach stress. For me, it’s very gentle on the stomach compared to the other guys, and that’s a big deal. Secondly, it curbs my hunger like no other. I generally have my BPC in the morning sometime around 8 or 9, and I don’t eat a meal until around 2 or 3 (though I generally have a Kind Bar™ before the meal).

VWR Bottom Line


  • Raises ketone levels
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Does not upset the stomach (when taken in normal amounts)


  • Expensive
  • Clears brain fog for some, but not all

Overall: 8/10

What are your thoughts on Brain Octane™” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Brain Octane™? Leave them down in a comment below.

Thanks for reading and stay well.

– Adam Vincent


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