VWR Supplement Review: Unfair Advantage

Who is this Bulletproof company?

If you’re an OG in the biohacking community, you have definitely heard of Bulletproof. Dave Asprey, the CEO of Bulletproof, has been a biohacker now for several years, and in many ways is leading the biohacking movement; however, this isn’t an infomercial about how great Dave and the company is—I just felt the need for a slight introduction before diving into the review. If you are interested in learning more about the company and why things are priced so highly, I suggest you pick up a copy of either of his books, or download one of his podcast episodes and start listening. All of his media is super informative.


What is this Unfair Advantage stuff?


Unfair Advantage is Dave’s proprietary mixture of 10mg of highly bioavailable Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), 20 mg of CoQ10 (as Ubiquinol), his Brain Octane MCT oil (super awesome product), and some other stuff to make it palatable.

Essentially, this is just a Mitochondrial supplement. What does that mean, you might ask? Well mitochondria are your cells’ batteries, and when you don’t have enough of them, you simply don’t have enough energy. Many of us have gotten used to this low-energy state and think it’s just part of aging (which it is) and that it’s completely normal (which it’s not), but biohackers are taking measures to change this.

How does it work?


Instead of me listing all the awesome things PQQ does for the body, like reduce free radicals, stimulate mitochondrial function, help with detoxification, improve memory, and help slow the aging process to name a few, I’d rather just send you here if you wish to learn specifically about that. Right now I’m a bit lazy to do the digging and organizing of information that already exists on the web, so I would rather link you to the good stuff if you wish to do the digging yourself.

The PQQ acts with another known substance called CoQ10 (or Ubiquinol, the reduced form) which basically does the same thing. For more about that, Dr. Mercola sums it up quite well here. Interestingly enough, he mentions that you can restore your levels of Ubiquinol naturally by eating leafy green vegetables. Well wouldja’ look at that. How neat.

Does It Work?

The short answer to this is yes, it does. A friend and I have been dying to try it ever since hearing that Tony Robbins and his team love the stuff, so we decided to buy it during the Cyber Monday sale when it was 20% off. Right now, we are both broke, post-undergrad adults, so we make sure to take advantage of any and all discounts when it comes to this kind of stuff. I mean shit, it’s $2 for each vile! It’s hard to justify that price for most people considering you could just buy a double-shot of espresso for the same price. That being said, however, this stuff is much different than a good old-fashioned cup of joe, and it does not give you the same buzz at all.

What does it feel like?


Most describe it as a “wave of clean energy” and something that clears the brain fog. I would have to concur with these statements.

The first time I took it, I was at work. It took about 15 minutes or so for it to be noticeable (I tend to feel things fast). The friend I was with and I exchanged glances and words like we just tried edibles for the first time. “Do you feel anything yet?” “Yeah a little bit.” Needless to say it wasn’t much, but it was something.

As the night went on, I began helping my customers with a wave of good vibes that isn’t always characteristic of my personality. It gave me the feeling of calm alertness. That feeling like I could jump off a building and scream I love my life, or shut down completely into a transcendental meditation practice. It’s a very cool feeling of wellness.

VWR Bottom Line

Rating: 7/10

This is a great product for boosting your mood and mental performance, yet the price is too steep for most people to consider.


  • Clears brain fog
  • Brings good vibes (boosts mood)
  • Seems to reduce inflammation


  • Very expensive
  • Reportedly loses efficacy over time (best if cycled)

VWR Questions

I wonder if any PQQ/CoQ10 supplements exist with the same level of effectiveness at a lower price. Amazon has several products that appear to be the same on paper, but I have yet to try them. I will hopefully be purchasing some soon, so I will update this post as soon as I do.

In the meantime, feel free to pick up your own viles of Unfair Advantage or a different product and share your thoughts, as I’d love to hear how this worked for you!


Stay Well,

Adam Vincent


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