Personal Entry: BCAA and ZMA Review

This is as much of a personal journal entry as it is public information, but some things have been weighing on my mind that I feel I need to address. The topic I am referring to is branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and ZMA supplementation. Although I am a fan of nootropics, in general, I am not a huge fan of supplementation. I am not AGAINST IT, I am just not a fan; however, I got a nice check from a job I did, so I figured I’d give them both a try.

Through all the good things I had heard about both of these products, I figured I would see some small, instantaneous results. Even though it’s only the second day, I have seen zero positive results from the ZMA in regards to sleep or testosterone (I have not woken up with morning wood, felt really well rested, or had crazy dreams), and the BCAA’s have proven to be less than useful.

In fact, I actually noticed a NEGATIVE side effect of extreme fatigue yesterday as I was doing my ab workout (per Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual), and though I am not completely convinced, I have a hunch that it was from the BCAA’s.

I took 10 grams that day, which was more from it tasting so damn good than it was from me thinking I needed that much. I’m not sure if taking more results in negative side effects, but I’ll go with the regular 5g dosage today and update my results accordingly. I also played 3 pick up basketball games yesterday, which took no more than an hour, then when I finished, I headed to do my 45 minute workout. I felt exhausted only 10 minutes into it.
Now there IS one caveat to this ordeal, I did take my actual recommended dosage of ADHD medication the day before (I usually take half), which could have affected my sleep and thus made me more fatigued the next day, but I did get 8 hours of sleep and I generally follow the bulletproof guidelines for sleep, so I know my quality is pretty on point. I’m sure all the BCAA proponents who read this are going to go with this being the cause of my fatigue, but I’m not convinced.

The goal of this blog post is not to scare everyone away from wasting their money on BCAA or ZMA supplements, but an open health dialogue is one of the best uses of the internet, and that’s precisely what this is. Rather than just leave an Amazon review or something of that nature, I decided to just post about it. I have not linked the products I use because I don’t endorse either of them. Feel free to leave comments with your own experiences with these two supplements.

Stay Well,

Adam Vincent




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