Phenibut Boosts Athletic Performance and Sexual Attraction

1Quick background of Phenibut:

It was developed in the late 1960s by the Russians and is considered a anti-stress/anti-anxiety substance in Russia. It is said to have been included in the kit of Russian astronauts due to its anti-anxiolytic properties that subsequently don’t seem to affect cognitive performance. While it is considered a drug in Russia, the United States considers it a nootropic herbal substance.

My Personal Experience With Phenibut

I have been taking phenibut two times a week for about a year now and I absolutely love it. It is described as an anti-anxiolytic drug, but I feel like that gets a bad rap. People immediately deduce that it’s like Xanax or something along those lines, even though it is nothing close to any anti-anxiety pill I’ve ever taken.

That’s Like Comparing Apples to Oranges!

Most anti-anxiety pills give you a similar euphoric feeling to that of phenibut, but they also make you drowsy. Because of the lack of drowsiness, Phenibut is an awesome thing to occasionally stack with your every day nootropics to give you an extra social boost or some stress reduction. It also seems to give you a slight energy boost, similar to that of Phenylpiracetam.

No More Anti-Social

The positive social impact of Phenibut is pretty well-documented (anecdotally at least) on forums and supplement review sites. When I take it, I am normally pretty talkative, but not in a coked-out kind of way (not saying I’ve done the stuff). It simply produces a nice,easy-going buzz of calmness that seems to be very pleasant when chatting with friends or even performing a speech. I did this all throughout my professional speaking course and, needless to say, I got an A+.

Phenibut Helps You Pick Up Women?!


Though it’s not always a fruitful outcome, I absolutely love taking it for talking to females. The end result has not always been fantastic, but the anxiety associated with talking to a complete stranger whom you find attractive seems to dwindle. This is by no means a limitless drug to get into women’s pants, but if you have any form of social anxiety and find talking to women difficult, this will definitely give you a boost.

To give an example, one time I was at a bar (imagine that). I was feeling pretty confident (which is a change of pace for me) and I decided that my friend and I should try to pick up the bartenders. I told him to pick the one he felt was most attractive and I’d go for the other one (spoiler alert: they were both very attractive). So after he picked his target I started chatting with the other one a bit. I didn’t do too much talking though, as she was working in a relatively busy bar, and I can imagine it would probably pretty annoying to have guys hitting on you all the time while you’re trying to work. I simply ordered my drinks, said a few things, smiled, and then started chatting with my friend.

Towards the end of the night, my friend had already been shut down. He is very good looking by the way, but for some reason she just wasn’t feeling it. He was ready to leave, so it was now or never for me. So, I put the target in my crosshairs and got ready to go in for the kill. I ordered one more drink, a shot of something, and ordered her one too. She came back smiling with the shots and said I didn’t charge you for the other one, so I’m thinking I’m in. We took the shots and I said something about it, probably about how sweet it was, and then said, “Hey, I’m getting ready to take off, but maybe I could get your number?” She smiled and said sure, gimme’ a second and I’ll be right back. It was about 30 seconds and she comes back smiling with a piece of paper. “Have a great night,” she said. “You as well,” I responded. “Don’t work too hard.”

I left that place feeling like the man. Here I was, a decent-looking lad who normally is too shy to say anything to pretty women, with a number of a pretty woman. Needless to say, my dopamine levels were pretty high.

I conferred with some friends like a teenager on whether I should text something that night or wait until the morning and you’d be surprised by the variety of responses I received. Some of you might initially think, “No, don’t be desperate! Wait a night or two.” While others, probably girls, would say, “No text her that night or the morning after. Otherwise she might forget even meeting you!” After some contemplation, I went with texting that night and simply saying something along the lines of, “It was great meeting you. Hope you have a good rest of your night.” And then I began the process of waiting for a text back.

I waited about a half a day before receiving, “I don’t know who [blank] is, but I’m not her.” Cue the cartoon “let-down” sound effect. It turns out that the Phenibut worked about 85% of the way… oh well!

Athletic Performance

Playing sports on Phenibut is pretty fun too. I’m not going to bull shit you and say I get warped into some matrix-style zone (like Rob over at Supplement Critique) that allows me to perform at a much higher level, but I do play a bit differently, and sometimes it’s better. It seems to help with power movements and endurance as I feel I conserve my energy a bit better while on the substance, but this is purely anecdotal.

The biggest impact on athletic performance (other than its affect on sleep) is Phenibut’s affect on isotropic exercises. When I was doing the Jump Manual workout, the 2-times-per-week abs workout was brutally intense. Because of this, I would try to time my workouts with the days I took my Phenibut and BOY DID IT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. So I highly recommend using this before yoga or something along those lines, as your tolerance for stress goes way up while using the substance.


As far as the sleep is concerned, I would definitely say it is better, but not always by a lot. Sleep really depends on so many factors that it is hard to tell if you are actually getting better “quality” sleep, especially if you already sleep well; however, I do seem to sleep more soundly after a night’s dosage of Phenibut. The only downside is I tend to sleep a bit longer than I normally would, BUT, if you have to wake up early, the Phenibut does seem to help elevate my mood and carry me through the morning with a smile on my face.

Final Verdict:

Whether you are looking for something to boost your sleep after a heavy workout, help you be more social, or study for a big exam, Phenibut seems to be a fantastic every-now-and-then supplement for any and all of those things. The only reason I would ever stop taking it is to reduce my tolerance, or in some rare event if my doctor told me I needed to stop taking it and he had a good explanation as to why, I guess I would probably not take it for a few months. That being said, this is an awesome supplement for multiple reasons and I highly recommend it. BUT. Just like all things that are awesome in the United States, they must eventually come to a legal end. So far the substance is legal, but I wouldn’t count on it for too long, so I’d stock up while you can.

Stay Well


Adam Vincent


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