Bulletproof/Low-Carb Paleo Woes and Triumphs

Okay! No more keeping my thoughts and opinions to myself about diet and exercise, I am now entering the blogosphere (insert sunglasses emoji)! I’m not going to go into an introduction of who I am, for one, because that is briefly mentioned on the site already, and for two, it really doesn’t matter! I’m simply a guy who’s interested in health and wants to share his experiences with the rest of the world that has those same interests because that’s how a lot of shit gets figured out.

As you can maybe tell by the title of the article, I’m not really going for the max viewers/readers possible. This is more of a personal post in which I am going to discuss some of the great things the bulletproof and paleo diets have to offer, as well as some of the things that make me scratch my head a bit.

Right now I am drinking my bulletproof coffee (although it’s not all the way bulletproof :(. just regular coffee, coconut oil, and ghee) and I feel pretty good. This would only be day 2 of trying out the bulletproof diet and I know what you’re thinking, “How can this guy talk about a diet after only two days of being on it?! He’s still in the induction phase. He’s not drinking upgraded coffee. He was a vegan once! Do you even lift bro?!” Look guys/gals, I know this is a bit of a hasty article as far as my experience is concerned, but I have experimented with low-ER carb diets in the past (not as strict as bulletproof) and can speak on some of the benefits that you fellow dieters are probably able to confirm.

The first thing I notice that is really enticing about the diet is the lowering of the inflammation. Inflammation is the root of all evil! Okay that might be a bit of a stretch, but it definitely causes a lot of discomfort, physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

One thing I noticed about being on a cooked vegan diet was the inflammation levels. I was also lifting and playing sports regularly, so that is naturally going to inflame your muscles. Not to mention a cooked vegan diet, in my opinion, is probably only third or fourth in terms of the healthiest diets out there (depending on which cooked foods you’re consuming, of course).

However, being on this low-carb diet with bulletproof coffee, I feel like I just did yoga. Getting into awkward positions on the basketball court is very easy and I don’t feel like I need to have a 15 minute warm up session before I play either! My inflammation levels are low and I don’t feel weak like you sometimes do when on a raw vegan, fruit-based diet (although I do cosign those if you can do them correctly).

Another thing I really like about the bulletproof diet is the amount of mental clarity and stability you receive. If you’ve heard any talk about regulating your emotions on this diet, it wasn’t a joke. Once again, similar to yoga/meditation, you’re just kind of gliding by on this diet. Things don’t urk you as much and you’re less quick to lash out at people. As far as the mental clarity, I have not even taken my Optimind yet (a name-brand nootropics stack I take daily) and I feel great. No fog, just clarity. I may or may not take it today, though. I haven’t decided.

Those are really the main things I wanted to note in this journal/blog post. Right now I am still a practicing vegetarian, which, according to Dave Asprey is impossible on the Bulletproof diet. I was also recently a vegan, but due to my lax’d approach to it (as of recently) I am just calling myself a vegetarian. Besides, if you’re a vegan and you’re against things like bone broth, deer antler velvet, and collagen, I think you’re missing the boat a little bit, unless your a hardcore PETA type, which I respectfully disagree with. I commend it, but I have different views—although, like Dave, I do seek to minimize suffering. This brings me to my next issue with the Bulletproof diet and the reason I haven’t fully jumped into it: the environmental/ethical impact.

If you have watched Cowspiracy, you know that Animal Agriculture, specifically the raising of cows, is single-handedly the biggest contributor to global warming and water loss. Water is a non-renewable resource folks. Just because it rains doesn’t mean it’s renewable. I won’t go to far into the impact on the environment from animal agriculture because Cowspiracy can discuss it more concisely and accurately, but in short, if you’re eating meat every day you are hurting the environment, even if it’s grass-fed. Grass-fed cows are definitely much less of an impact, but there is still a water usage issue and a rainforest destruction issue present. Also, think about the logistics of it. Let’s say that Grass-fed is the way to go and we should all eat bulletproof. Okay, (theoretically) everybody has one cow for their family. That’s one cow to produce the butter, grass fed meat, and bone broth for the family. I haven’t done the numbers, but I’m not sure if that can even cover a years’ supply for the whole family. Secondly, if the average family is four people to a household, that’s still close to 2 billion cows! That’s a hell of a lot of cow farts going into the ozone.

Granted, that last example was hypothetical and not possible based on the current global economy, but I’m looking at it from an idealistic perspective. Just think about it: do you think the higher power designed this earth for us to figure out, “Hey, we all need a cow per house and we need to raise and love them, get them to make babies, then kill them so that we can be healthy!” Look, I am not a religious person in the traditional sense, but I do believe this earth was designed with everything needed for humans to thrive. Sure, technology and all these discoveries have been extremely helpful in this modern world, but they are not necessary for our existence.

Anyway, it makes far more sense that fruit trees (which produce a ton of fruit and then come back and do the same thing next year in most cases) would be a more plausible solution. Not to mention we are still part of the primate family, and primates are MOST EQUIPPED to digest fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. We don’t have a short intestine like cheetahs to digest meat, and we don’t have 16-20 hours to sleep like they do either!

This is just me talking about my personal issues (and many other people’s as well) about any diet that consumes a lot of meat. Let me make known that I am by no means saying that people are bad for doing it! I am not even necessarily saying they are wrong, because I don’t think we really know yet, but we do know the environmental impacts, and we do know that if you consume meat on a daily basis, you simply aren’t helping the cause.

I may update this post in the future if I have anything more to say on the topic, but for now I’ve said all I needed to say. I hope you enjoyed the post.


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